Develop Project Charter Process

Posted on February 18, 2009 by


Project managers (especially those preparing to take the PMP exam) should be familiar with the 42 project management processes outlined in the fourth edition PMBOK®. Develop Project Charter is categorized as one of the six Integration knowledge area processes, and one of the two Initiating process group processes. The most important thing to know about this process is that it creates one of the key project documents—the Project Charter.

The Project Charter accomplished a number of things, including formally authorizing and initiating the project, justifying the project, and assigning the project manager. At this point, the project has just formally begun, so although the details have not all been worked out, the Project Charter can still include broad descriptions of the requirements, budget, milestones, and risks. There are a few documents that the author of the Project Charter should have in front of them as they write—the Project Statement of Work (SOW), Business Case, and if performing the project for a customer, the contract is needed as well. Who writes the project charter varies across organizations and projects, but ideally the project manager participates in the creation of this document.