PMP Exam – Studying Intelligently

Posted on February 2, 2009 by


Meta-cognition is one’s knowledge and control of their own cognitive processes, such as learning. Individuals who understand how they learn have a tremendous advantage over those who do not. A student may be intelligent, but if their method of studying is inefficient or completely ineffective, that person will not receive the high grades or scores that they could be earning. Success at the graduate level of education (Master’s and higher) and on professional certification is more directly attributed to discipline than raw IQ.

At TAPUniversity, we’ve increasingly worked with students to assure that they are practicing both good study habits and good test-taking skills. In fact, for our online students, their first assignment is to complete an assessment of their personal learning style. Some of the most common mistakes we see are: under-estimating how much time they need to learn the material, not studying frequently enough, and being passive about the material instead of thinking about it and interacting with it.

How well-developed is your meta-cognition? In particular, how much do you know about your learning style? Is reading about a difficult concept or hearing someone explain it work best for you? How do you know when you’ve mastered the material? Do study groups work well for you or do you learn better on your own? Please share what you’ve discovered about how you personally learn best. Happy studying!