PMP Exam – Knowledge Areas

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Mastering the PMBOK® requires a good amount of memorization in addition to an understanding of the underlying concepts. The list of the nine knowledge areas is important to know, and frequently people want a mnemonic device in order to help learn them. The nine knowledge areas are: Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, HR, Communication, Risk, and Procurement. A class I taught last August asked me to make a couple sentences to help them, and here they are:

(1) In September, Teachers Can Quickly Have Children Running Playfully.

(2) If Santa Tames Colorful Quail, Hungry Cats Rarely Pounce.

In the last few days, two people who have taken our PMP courses have shared with me additional sentences they made in order to learn the knowledge areas. It is certainly better to come up with your own. When you do, try to make sentences that evoke a vivid image, which makes it easier for your brain to remember.
Does anyone else have any PMBOK mnemonic devices they use that they would like to share? I would enjoy hearing from you!

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