PMP Exam Tips

Posted on January 26, 2009 by


Greetings! As many of those preparing for their PMP® exam already know, the Project Management Institute has now released the 4th edition PMBOK®. If you have been studying using the 3rd edition PMBOK, it is best if you take the exam before June 30th, which is when the 4th edition exam will replace the old one. Otherwise, you will be faced with learning some additional processes and concepts, and will find that some of the process and concepts you have learned are now called something else. If you have already taken a prep course, it’s time to get serious about finishing your final studying and applying for the exam. We’ve found that our students are the most likely to pass when they take their exam within about a month of finishing their PMP course. If you have finished a course recently, now is the time to schedule your exam. If you have finished your PMP course more than two months ago, give yourself at least a few weeks to do some intensive review before taking your exam. For those of you who have not taken a PMP course, plan ahead—study the 3rd edition if you’ll be able to take the exam before June 30th. Otherwise, start your studies with the 4th edition PMBOK. Best of success to you!