Welcome to the TAPUniversity blog and first entry

Posted on September 11, 2008 by



We communicate in quite a few virtual ways at TAPUniversity –

  • through our learning management system (thank you moodle and remote learner!) that has served over 71,010 students since early 2006 and helped 743 professionals achieve their PMP
  • through an enewsletter that is shared with 2,000 subscribers
  • through various professional and social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook and Plaxo)
  • through trade journals and articles at IBM, project connections, PM hub
  • through monthly webinars and chats with our alums and continuing education subscribers

Now we want to provide an additional way that supports slightly polished thoughts and allows for interaction (one of learning hallmarks and missions)

You’ll see a somewhat autobiographical post next — reflecting on 9/11 seven years ago.